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Adam Ruins Everything

YEAR: 2015-2017 | LENGTH: 2 season, 27 episodes (20 minutes each)

DESCRIPTION: Adam Conover turns life as we know it on its ear by showing us how unnecessary, and sometimes horrible, things we think we know to be real and true really are. – source

season 01

01. Giving
This episode examines issues with diamond engagement rings, food drives, Tom’s Shoes, and a number of other giving-related ideas, especially the theme of giving away castoffs, which has similarly been attacked in the mainstream media.
02. Security
This episode examines issues with the Transportation Security Administration, Tylenol and tamper-resistant packaging, credit card signatures and fraud prevention, and a number of other security-related ideas, especially the theme of “security theater.”
03. Cars
This episode explains why car dealerships aren’t the best way to get cars, how much time people really spend in traffic, and other car-related ideas.
04. Forensic Science
This episodes examines truths in polygraph tests, eye witness testimonies, fingerprint analysis, and a number of other crime technique-related ideas.
05. Restaurants
This episode’s main topic is restaurants, talking about how wines are very similar regardless of labels, how fish isn’t very healthy in restaurants and how tipping is a custom we could do without.
06. Hygiene
Adam reveals that the term halitosis was popularized in a 1920’s ad campaign that used cruel ads to make people insecure about their breath, and explains why running water is one of the greatest miracles of modern times.
07. Voting
The twisted history of the Electoral College, explaining that the founding fathers did not want most Americans to vote.
08. Work
This episode explains why the 40-hour work week is bad for business, why internships are just a trick, why freelancing is breaking the law, and how telling people your salary is actually a good thing.
09. Summer Fun
Adam reveals summer vacation actually makes you dumber, and that Mickey Mouse ruined our nation’s copyright laws.
10. Sex
This episode explains why circumcision is common in the United States, how Herpes isn’t as scary as the media makes it seem, how most people do not truly understand the hymen, and explains the worst sexual problem of all.
11. Nutrition
Adam shows why vitamin supplements don’t make us any healthier, that the “balanced breakfast” we’ve been sold is anything but, and reveals how most of the nutritional science the media reports on isn’t science at all.
12. Death
Adam shows why immortality is a fantasy and reveals that the American funeral industry is a racket that exploits mourners’ grief and fear of dying.
13. Hollywood
Adam reveals the truth about how money really wins movie awards, why MPAA ratings are pointless, and how “reality” shows are hella fake. Guest Stars: Rachel Bloom as herself. Ariana Madix as herself.
14. Football
Adam reveals the truth about various football-related topics. These include the NFL Playoffs, the supposed dangers and exaggerated fear of dehydration, and concussions. At the end of the episode, Adam’s sister makes a guest appearance.
15. Weddings
Adam attends Emily and Murph’s wedding and explains the capitalist traditions behind modern ceremonies, how the feelings of newlyweds are susceptible to change and that divorce can be empowering in most cases.
16. Malls
Adam and Emily make a trip to the mall. There Adam explains the origin of the modern enclosed shopping mall, the real difference between “outlet” and normal clothing stores, and the largely-unregulated supplement market. Emily in turn explains the near-stranglehold Luxottica has on branded glasses frames and the stores that sell them. Adam’s sister makes appearances at the beginning and end of the episode.
17. Animals
Adam explains how purebred dogs are genetically abnormal, how stray cats are dangerous, and how monetizing the demand for trophy hunting can help animals.
18. Immigration
Adam explains how increasing security at national borders does not help prevent illegal immigration, how the immigration courts are severely broken, and explores America’s history with mass deportation.
19. Housing
In this episode, Adam talks about how buying a house is worse than renting one, how Airbnb enables crooks to run illegal hotels, and how building houses for homeless people can actually save money. Before the segments on Airbnb and homelessness, Adam hosts 2 segments called “Ever Wonder Why”. The first segment is about tax breaks and the second one is about the Hollywood Sign.
20. Drugs
In this episode, Adam exposes how marijuana is essentially harmless, how D.A.R.E actually increased drug use, and how legal drugs are just as dangerous as illegal ones. This episode’s “Ever Wonder Why” segments are about Fish Oil and Q-Tips
21. Prison
In this episode, Adam reveals how Private Prisons make money, Why Solitary confinement should be banned, and why prison keeps setting people up to fail. This episode’s “Ever Wonder Why?” segments are on cheese and treadmills. Guest Stars: Rhea Butcher as Rhea Conover
22. Wild West
In this episode, Adam talks about how the modern image of the cowboy is wrong, how women shaped the wild west, and how the west’s true hero wasn’t even a person. This episode’s “Ever Wonder Why?” segments are about Johnny Appleseed and the Statue of Liberty.
23. The Internet
In this episode, Adam discusses how the internet has been underrated for nearly all of history, why cable companies are to blame for slow internet, and supposedly “free” websites aren’t free at all. This episode’s “Ever Wonder Why?” segments are on the word “literally” and the standard paper size.
24. Justice
In this episode, Adam talks about why the McDonald’s hot coffee lawsuit is not what we think, why trial by jury is rigged with bias, and how public defenders are in a lucrative line of work. This episode’s “Ever Wonder Why?” segments are on photographic memories and the Secret Service. Guest Stars: Rhea Butcher as Rhea Conover.
25. Christmas
In this episode, Adam talks about Christmas’s un-Christian origins, why gift giving makes no economic sense, and the true story of Santa Claus. This episode’s “Ever Wonder Why?” segments are about It’s a Wonderful Life and snowflakes. Guest Stars: Rhea Butcher as Rhea Conover and Adam Savage as the narrator.
26. Going Green
In this episode, Adam talks about how big companies shifted the blame of littering onto people,[48] how electric cars can actually hurt the environment, and what to do now that climate change is a thing. This episode’s “Ever Wonder Why?” segments are on “going paperless” and bananas.

season 02

01. Having a Baby
Adam dispels the myth about getting pregnant after 35, delves into breastfeeding vs formula, and explores postpartum depression for women – and men.
02. Weight Loss
Host Adam Conover illustrates all the reasons low-fat diets can actually make you fatter, and why counting calories is a waste of time.
03. Hospital
Adam Conover explains that inflated hospital costs have created a system that’s unaffordable and unfair. Plus, the reckless prescription of antibiotics is making them worthless, and you might not need a mammogram.
04. Dating
Adam swipes right on knowledge by exposing the major flaws in dating sites. Plus, infamous alpha males – and the wolves that inspired them – don’t really exist, and personality tests are a total failure.
05. Art
Adam poses the question of what makes great art and shows why pieces visible to the masses are revered, regardless of artistic merit. He then exposes the masters as copycats and reveals that today’s art market is a moneymaking scheme.
06. What We Learned in School
Host Adam Conover employs a combination of comedy, history and science to dispel widespread misconceptions about everything we take for granted.
07. College
Adam explains why the odds of becoming a dropout billionaire are so low, how manipulated school rankings have little to do with education quality, and why the privatization of student loans created a massive debt crisis
08. Emily Ruins Adam
Emily takes over to “ruin” Adam, pointing out where his facts fall short. She debunks the idea that IQ tests measure intelligence and points to information Adam has gotten wrong in the past. Plus, she explains the “backfire effect.
09. Adam Ruins His Vacation
Adam Conover and his girlfriend take a journey across America, where he reveals that Mount Rushmore was built on stolen Native American land, Vegas slot machines are purposely designed to be addicting, and a whole lot more!
10. Adam Ruins The Suburbs
Adam explains how the idealized lawn is an unnatural monstrosity, and that the design of the suburbs is slowly killing you. Plus, the racist history of suburban planning led to today’s institutionalized segregation in schools.
12. Conspiracy Theories
Adam Conkver debunks the fake moon landing theory, discusses the Satanic Panic of the 1980s, and reveals how to spot a false theory.
13. Wellness
Pricey “detoxifying” treatments cleanse you of cash (and may do more harm than good), while MSG’s scary reputation is undeserved. Plus, the placebo effect is way more powerful than you think.
14. Halloween
Adam goes trick-or-treating for the truth behind myths and misconceptions like candy poisoned by strangers, the legendary War of the Worlds radio broadcast, and psychics who claimed to communicate with the dead.
15. Science
No Description.
16. The Future
No Description.