YEAR: 2001 | LENGTH: 6 parts (30 minutes each)

DESCRIPTION: Space (Hyperspace in the United States) is a 2001 BBC documentary which ran for six episodes covering a number of topics in relation to outer space. The series is hosted and narrated by actor Sam Neill. – source

01. Star Stuff
The first episode covers the origins of life and how everything is produced by the process in which stars burn their fuel.
02. Staying Alive
This episode analyses the chances of Earth being destroyed by a black hole or asteroid.
03. Black Holes
Episode three looks at how black holes are formed and how they behave, with potential to destroy the solar system.
04. Are We Alone?
Number four looks for potential homes of extraterrestrial life and the chances that humans could make contact.
05. New Worlds
The fifth episode covers the possibility of colonising and terraforming planets both in our solar system and beyond into deep space.
06. Boldly Go
In the final episode looks at the technologies that are being developed to further enable our venture into space.

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